Flood plain news and resources

Georgia Association of Flood Plain Management

The formation of GAFM is the result of the concerted efforts of numerous individuals and organizations sharing a common desire to forward the cause of sound floodplain management. Membership in GAFM is open to all professionals, public and private entities, students and citizens interested in or involved in floodplain, watershed, stormwater, wetlands and hazard mitigation management and/or related disciplines within the State of Georgia.

Georgia Flood Map Modernization Program

On August 16, 1999, the State of Georgia entered into a Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) agreement with FEMA Region IV. This agreement provides that the State of Georgia will assume responsibility for the development and updating of Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) within all 159 counties in the State. Through this agreement, the State of Georgia is provided funding by FEMA for the production of DFIRMs, as well as, for the management of the DFIRM process. The amount of funding provided to the State is determined by FEMA Region IV each fiscal year, and is a function of the success of the State in producing DFIRMs, the ability of the State to obtain cost-share contributions from State or local sources, and the effectiveness of the State in linking improved floodplain management with improved floodplain mapping. The State is utilizing both state staff and consulting engineering firms to perform this work. The State’s progress towards its objective is monitored quarterly by FEMA, and their agent, the National Service Provider (NSP).