Consumer Energy

Consumer Energy

The Consumer Energy Program (CEP) advocates on behalf of Georgia’s residential and small business customers in energy-related matters before Georgia’s Public Service Commission (PSC) and at the state capitol.

Created in 2009, the Consumer Energy Program (CEP) seeks to achieve lower utility bills and cleaner, more efficient energy solutions. CEP provides a much-needed voice for energy consumers in Georgia. For decades, the Consumers’ Utility Counsel (CUC), a division of the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection, represented Georgians in cases before Georgia’s Public Service Commission (PSC). However, that voice for residential and small business owners was silenced when the CUC was defunded in 2008. As a result, Georgians were left without independent representation in PSC matters.

With skyrocketing energy bills and the interests of utilities as firmly entrenched across the state as ever, CEP was created to fill this vital role in protecting ratepayers in important cases before the PSC. In just a few short years, CEP has built a broad coalition of business groups and advocacy organizations that seek to ensure a level playing field for all, and these efforts have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for energy consumers. CEP will continue to advocate for lower utility bills and a more diversified state energy portfolio to mitigate future rate increases.

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