Support Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) legislation

Georgia Watch supports the passage of legislation that creates a State Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working Georgians who need an economic leg up.

Georgia is one of the few states that continue to levy an income tax on low-income families. Many states have used state EITC legislation to help working families move up the economic ladder into the middle-class and break the cycle of poverty. Providing a state-level work credit to low-income working Georgians would benefit Georgia families and our economy by putting more disposable income into the pockets of consumers, infusing dollars into local economies and boosting business.

Current Legislation: During the 2019-2020 legislative session, legislators introduced two bills that would create a state EITC in Georgia. Senator Elena Parent (D-42) introduced Senate Bill 41, while Representative Houston Gaines (R-117) introduced House Bill 588. See our blog about why this issue is so important.

Additional Resources

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