Senate Bill 376 introduced by State Senator David Shafer, R-Duluth, would make credit freezes (and thaws) from all three credit reporting agencies free for all Georgians all the time. Section 235 of the bill specifies, “A consumer credit reporting agency shall not charge a fee for any service performed under this Code section.” A similar bill in the House, House Bill 866, introduced by State Representative Scot Turner, R-Holly Springs, would also “prohibit consumer credit reporting agencies from charging a fee for placing or removing a security freeze on a consumer’s account.” These bills would enact a very significant benefit for Georgia consumers! Georgia Watch supports legislation that removes fees for credit freezes and better enables Georgia consumers to safeguard their financial information.

Update: On February 26, Senate Bill 376 unanimously passed the Senate. House Bill 866 passed the House with 168 votes in favor and only 1 vote against.  HB 866 did not move forward but SB 376 passed both the House and Senate and is headed to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law!