Transportation significantly affects communities’ and individuals’ livelihoods. Limitations to transportation exclude people from going where they need to obtain not only basic needs but also access healthcare. Additionally, modes of transportation in certain communities can contribute to greater pollution levels. This guide offers resources regarding the improvement of transportation needs, transportation assistance, regional transportation authorities, and policy changes surrounding transportation.

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Legislative Committees

House Committee on Transportation

This committee handles legislation
dealing with Georgia’s Department
of Transportation and their operations. The committee also deals with legislation regarding Georgia’s roads and infrastructure.

Senate Committee on Transportation

This committee has general jurisdiction over issues related to highway safety and regulation of intrastate common carriers
including railroads, buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines, and civil aviation. Also included is jurisdiction on issues to inland waterways and any other means of transportation.



Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
Professional network promoting driver rehabilitation through leadership and advocacy in support of safe, independent community mobility.

The Mobility Resource
Helps seniors and people with disabilities make adaptive vehicle modifications to help them be independent.

On The Road Lending
Helps people find affordable cars and teaches them how to make good financial decisions. They make low-cost loans on reliable cars based on who people are, not their credit scores.



Georgia Department of Transportation
Develops and maintains all state and federal roadways in Georgia. In addition to highways, the department also has a limited role in developing public transportation and general aviation programs.

State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)
Operates tolled transportation facilities within Georgia and acts as the transportation financing arm for the State, managing toll collection on Georgia’s Express Lanes System through the Peach Pass, the state’s all electronic tolling technology.


Metro Atlanta

Airport Perimeter Connection
Provides shuttle service around the Metro-Atlanta area

Metro Atlanta (ARC)
Develops and updates Atlanta Region’s Plan (a 25-year blueprint meant to ensure metro Atlanta’s success and improve the region’s quality of life). Also provides services to improve life quality such as transportation and in-home personal care to older adults and people with disabilities, and operates Empowerline, a phone and online resource to help connect people to help in navigation and volunteer work.

Buckhead Uptown Connection (the Buc)
Free shuttle with three lines in the Buckhead area.

Cherokee Area Transit System (CATS)
Provides Canton fixed route service, complementary paratransit fixed route, countywide response service, park ride express service, and the ability to plan a fixed route trip.

Citizens for Progressive Transit
Grassroots transit advocacy organization that works with MARTA and regional leaders to help bring improvements to public transportation throughout the greater Atlanta region.

Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association (CCTMA)
Works with government agencies, transportation providers, and other interested parties to address common transportation concerns, provides and shares transportation services to reduce traffic, and improves accessibility to and inside the Clifton Corridor.

Provides route service and paratransit.

Connect Douglas
Operates commuter-oriented work-trip vanpools, offers transportation assistance to senior adults and disabled individuals, provides carpool matching assistance, builds and maintains commuter facilities, and participates in transit and public transportation planning and marketing.

Emory University Shuttles
Offers routes in and near Emory campus, plus a Safe Ride every day 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Riders must be employees or students

Forsyth County Dial-a-Ride
Provides appointment-only transportation for Forsyth County residents.

Georgia Commute Options
Works with employers, commuters, and schools to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles on Metro Atlanta’s roads Provides free services (customized worksite assistance, ride matching service) and offers incentive programs to carpool/clean commuters to help the environment and lessen traffic.

Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GERTA)
Addresses mobility and air quality in Metro Atlanta and approves of the allocation of state and federal transportation resources in Metro Atlanta. Also evaluates all Developments of Regional Impact within its jurisdiction for their impacts on the surrounding transportation infrastructure.

Greater Atlanta Airport Shuttle
Provides transportation to and from Atlanta airports and around Atlanta.

Gwinnett County Transit
Provides route service, commuter service to downtown Atlanta, and paratransit service.

Henry County Transit Department
Provides appointment-only public transportation.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
The principal public transport operator in the Atlanta metropolitan area, operating a network of buses and rail transportation connecting every Atlanta community.

Midtown Alliance
Organizes Midtown Atlanta on issues such as accessibility, bike lanes, and other transit options.

Midtown Assistance Center – MARTA Assistance
Provides MARTA passes to eligible people searching for new employment or who are newly employed but waiting until their first paycheck. Also provides MARTA passes to homeless and housed clients.

Train XPress Airport Shuttle
Provides transportation to and from Atlanta airports.


Coastal Georgia

Bryan County Transit
Provides public transportation to anyone in the coastal region as part of the regional rural public transit program.

Chatham Area Transit Authority
Provides public transportation via fixed-route buses, CAT Mobility vehicles and water ferries, connecting commuters to work, students to school, and visitors to popular spots.

Effingham County Schools Transportation
Provides transportation for students to and from their schools in the county.

Liberty County Road Department
Maintains county roads, clears and removes debris or overgrowth from drainage ditches, grades the dirt roads damaged by weather/time, installs drainage pipes for main roads and residents’ driveways, and installs/replaces street signs.


Georgia Mountains

Banks County Transit
Public transportation for Banks residents.

Habersham County Transit Authority
Door-to-door public transportation by appointment only.

Hall Area Transit Services
Provides a downtown trolley and WeGo, an appointment-based public transportation option.

Hart County Public Transit
Operated out of the Senior Center. Primarily operates within the city, but also provides Medical Trips to Franklin County.

Lumpkin County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Union County Transportation
Fleet of 2 10-passenger vans available by appointment only.


Heart of Georgia

Dodge County Transit
Provides appointment-only transportation to Dodge residents.

Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority – Transportation
Operates Interstate 16 interchanges, cargo/port transportation.

Heart of Georgia Community Action Panel
Assistance services including transportation.

Mount Vernon Community School District Transportation
Provides route and special education transportation to and from schools.

Tattnall County Services
Maintains public infrastructure, transportation and economic development assets.

Treutlen County Transit
Appointment-only transit services for medical purposes.

Wilcox County Transit System
Appointment-only transit



Athens-Clarke County Transit (ACC)
Fixed route bus service on 20 routes with 30 handicap-accessible transit buses, the “Lift,” which is a curb-to-curb paratransit service offered within one mile of the fixed-route services.

Elbert Transit
Provides appointment-only transportation for all needs except bedrest.

Greene County Transit
Public transportation for Greene County Residents; should be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Jackson County School System Transportation Department
Provides transportation for children enrolled in Jackson County schools to and from schools and field trips.

Morgan County Public Transit System
Appointment-only transit.

Social Circle Area Transit
Appointment-only transit, prioritizing those with medical appointments and other health and welfare needs.

Transportation and Parking Services – University of Georgia
Provides bus and paratransit services to the UGA campus to all UGA community members.

Wheels of Hope
Provides low-cost transportation to people who are visually impaired, disabled, or who no longer drive because of age or health issues.



Bartow County Transit
Provides public non-emergency scheduled transportation. Has a Transit Service fleet of 13 passenger vehicles, seven of which have wheelchair lifts).

Catoosa Transaid
Provides scheduled trips for residents of Catoosa County, prioritizing doctor’s appointments.

Chattooga County Transit System
Provides four transit buses, dispatched from the Public Works Department.

Dade County Transit
Provides transportation for education, employment, shopping, social activities, and medical appointments with wheelchair accessible service as needed by appointment only.

Haralson County Transit
Provides appointment-only transportation for county residents for medical appointments, shopping, and social activities (not for work or school).

Lookout Mountain Community Services Transportation
Appointment-only transit for those in need of mental health and addictive disease treatment.

Mountain Area Transportation System (MATS)
Operates on a non-fixed route; takes passengers by appointment only to their requested destinations.

Murray County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Paulding Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Rome Transit Department
Provides public transportation within the city limits of Rome with two different services: a Mainline Fixed Route Service and an on-demand curb-to-curb Paratransit Service.



Lowndes County Public Transit
Provides rural public transportation services to residents who, because of financial and/or physical burdens, do not have access to other means of transportation; Shared-Ride service by appointment only.

Pierce Transit
Bus route, vanpool, and paratransit.

Tift Lift Transit System
Appointment-only transit.



Albany Transit
Provides route transportation and paratransit services.

Mitchell County Transportation
Operates highways, railway, and airports.

Southwest Georgia Regional Commission
Provides rural public and human services transportation.

Thomas County Area Transit
Appointment-only transit.


River Valley

City of Americus Transportation
Appointment-only transit.

Clay County Transportation
Provides buses on route services. Clay County residents can also call and schedule medical trips within their area.

Crisp Area Regional Transit (CART)
Provides appointment-only public transportation with wheelchair accessible service available.

Dooly Transit
Offers appointment-only public transportation with handicap accessible vehicles available. If a passenger needs a Personal Care Attendant, that PCA can ride free of charge.

Macon County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

METRA Transit System
Route bus service, Dial-A-Ride Paratransit.

Talbot County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Taylor County Transit Authority
Appointment-only transit.

Unadilla Transit
Provides route and appointment transportation.

Vienna Transportation Department
Oversees transportation systems and infrastructure in Vienna.


Three Rivers

Partners for Smart Growth
Provides for discussing responsible development, advocates sustainable growth, promotes long-range planning and adequate delivery of government services for all citizens, and promotes a balanced tax base and enhanced quality of life.

Three Rivers Regional Commission
Participates with its 10 counties in planning and developing transportation initiatives, and administers transit programs.

Three Rivers Transit
Transports older adults to and from senior centers, medical facilities, shopping excursions, recreational activities, or to safe locations in the event of disaster/emergency.

Troup Transit
Rideshare appointment-only transit, giving priority to elderly adults and those with disabilities.


Central Savannah River Area

Augusta-Richmond County Commission and the Department of Transportation
Appointment-only transit. Provides rural transportation on a per call basis with wheelchair access available.

Burke Transit
Provides rural transportation on a per call basis with wheelchair access available.

Columbia County Public Transit
Provides route service with secondary stops available (if approved by the driver) for a fee. Also provides “Curb to Curb” scheduled service.

Hancock County Public Transportation System
Provides appointment-only transportation for elderly, disabled, and other county residents.

Jefferson Transit (JTA)
Provides route-scheduled services and Dial-a-Ride.

Jenkins County Transportation
Provides rail service and airport transportation service.

Lincoln County Department of Leisure Services Senior/Transit Center
Provides transportation for seniors to and from the Lincoln County Department of Leisure Services Senior/Transit Center.

Thomas McDuffie County Rural Transportation
Appointment-only transit.

Wilkes County Transit
Appointment-only transit.


Middle Georgia

Baldwin County Public Transportation
Provides transportation to all Baldwin County residents in wheelchair accessible vehicles, available by appointment 24 hours or more in advance.

Crawford County Transit Department
Provides public transportation for residents to doctor’s offices and medical appointments outside the county, operating on an advanced reservation basis.

Jones County Transit
Offers Rural Public Transportation, which is available by appointment, is wheelchair accessible and available for all local residents and surrounding areas.

Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority
Provides public transportation; also offers specialized non-emergency (scheduled) service for persons unable to travel on fixed route service.

Peach County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Pulaski County Transit Dial-a-Ride
Appointment-only transit.

Putnam County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Twiggs County Transit
Appointment-only transit.

Wilkinson County Rural Transit Program
Appointment-only transit.


Transportation Resources

Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
Customer Solutions

Driver Rehab Program Start-up Tool Kit

Atlanta Public Schools
Procedures for Parents with Transportation Concerns

Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services
Getting Where You Need to Go

How to Apply for a Disability Parking Permit

Empower Line
Transportation Options for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Georgians for a Healthy Future
Georgians in the Driver’s Seat: Transportation is Health

Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
More MARTA Atlanta Fact Sheet

St. Mary’s Health Care System
Transportation Resources

State Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator’s Office

The Mobility Resource
Georgia Disability Grants

U.S. Department of Transportation Aviation Consumer Protection

United Way of Greater Atlanta
United Way 2-1-1