Atlanta organizations join forces to “fight identity theft”

A coalition of organizations, including Georgia Watch, begins an initiative fighting back against one of the fasting growing crimes in the nation. Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc. leads the campaign dubbed Project SAFE, to raise public awareness about identity theft..

Following a news conference on August 17th at Atlanta City Hall, the new “Fight Identity Theft” campaign of Project SAFE kicked off, revealing a series of vivid print ads, posters and online materials depicting real life victims of identity theft in boxing gloves. The one-time victims have become “victors” by taking action against identity thieves and refusing to be “victims”.

“Many different organizations have been working diligently to prevent identity theft,” AVA Executive Director Brenda Muhammad said. “But we’ve realized that we can help more people by combining our efforts and that’s why we’re sending out a call to arms to the entire Atlanta community. AVA is ready to team up with any responsible partner who answers that call.”

Georgia Watch has conducted identity theft workshops at locations across the state – including military bases – empowering thousands of Georgians with educational materials and tools to fight this crime.

The organization will continue to raise awareness about credit freeze, the only viable form of protection from new account fraud, as the “Fight Identity Theft” progresses. Credit freeze is the only effective, proactive tool to stop new account fraud, one of the most damaging forms of identity theft. A freeze allows consumers to bar access to their credit files with the three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs), prohibiting identity thieves from fraudulently opening new accounts or lines of credit in a victim’s name.

“Georgia Watch and Clark Howard fought to pass affordable credit freeze in 2008 and succeeded,” Georgia Watch Executive Director Angela Speir Phelps said. “We are dedicated to protecting Georgians from financial harm caused by thieves seeking to destroy credit and peace of mind. We are thrilled to join Project Safe – this is invaluable work being done by a formidable coalition.”

Visit Project SAFE online for more information.