Chronic Disease and Obesity

Chronic Disease and Obesity

Chronic diseases cost the state billions of dollars annually, keep individuals out of school or away from work, and result in poorer quality of life. Advocates for chronic disease and obesity prevention and epidemic response will find these organizations and resources useful for advocacy work and partnerships to support individuals living with chronic disease, promote research and education, and advocate for screening, treatment planning, and community-based programs.

Legislative Committees

House Committee on Health and Human Services

This committee is responsible for legislation that affects the conditions of safety regulations and social services for the citizens of Georgia. This committee also addresses the legal areas surrounding medical professionals and medicinal provisions.

Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

This committee has general jurisdiction over legislation relating to healthcare and social services. This committee also addresses areas related to the licensing and regulation of healthcare professionals.



American Diabetes Association
Funds research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes. It also delivers services, education, and gives voice to those denied their rights due to diabetes.

American Public Health Association
Runs programs to address physical activity and nutritious eating at the local level. It also supports access to healthcare via the Podiatric Physicians Act and other federal programs.

Chronic Disease Coalition
Advocates at the state and national levels on behalf of people with chronic diseases. It also empowers the community of people with chronic diseases to use their voices to make direct change in the American healthcare system.

National Association of Chronic Disease
Engages in political advocacy, provides resources for best practices and innovation, and plans and executes programs.

Color Me Healthy
This program was developed to teach kids aged 4 through 5 about physical activity and healthy eating by using color, music, and exploration of the senses.

Emily’s Entourage
Educates and accelerates research and drug development for mutations of Cystic Fibrosis.

Good Days
Lifts the burden of chronic illness through assistance, advocacy, and awareness.

It’s Bigger Than Me
Encourages open and shame-free conversations about weight and obesity.

Kawasaki Disease Foundation
Works to raise awareness of Kawaski Disease among the medical community, childcare providers, and the public on early diagnosis and treatment.

Multiple Chronic Conditions Resource Center
Provides healthcare professionals and patients with the current trends in health policy and clinical practice to help people living with two or more symptomatic chronic conditions.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Helps people and communities prevent chronic diseases and promotes health and wellness for all through education and programs.

National Kidney Foundation
Educates the public about kidney troubles and associated health issues.

National Organization for Rare Diseases
Patient advocacy organization that works on education, advocacy, research, and patient services.

Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
Fellowship of individuals who recover from compulsive overeating through shared experience.

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease
Educates the public about chronic disease and potential solutions for individuals and communities. Also mobilizes Americans to call for change in how the government, employers, and health institutions approach chronic disease, and challenges policy makers on healthy policy changes that are necessary to effectively fight chronic disease.

Patients Rising
Provides education, resources, and advocacy for people living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Resurgens Charitable Foundation
Builds inclusive playgrounds and funds adaptive camps and sports to encourage activity among children of all abilities.

The XENA Foundation
Educates and empowers people experiencing or at-risk for chronic disease with personalized individual support. It also tries to make physical activity and healthy eating more approachable to BIPOC and economically disadvantaged people

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Connecting Those at Risk to Care: The Quick Start Guide to Developing Community Care Coordination Pathways

Pathways Community HUB Manual: A Guide to Identify and Address Risk Factors, Reduce Costs, and Improve Outcomes

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
Clinical Practical Guidelines for Healthy Eating for the Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic and
Endocrine Diseases in Adults

Ensuring a Welcome Environment for Patients with Obesity

Medical Care for Obese Patients: Advice for Health Care Professionals

Section 1. What is the Disease of Obesity?

Section 2. Why Do We Treat Obesity?

Section 3. How Do We Treat Obesity?

Treatment Algorithm for the Medical Care of Patients with Obesity

Arthritis Foundation
Explaining JIA to Your Child

Resources for Accessing Arthritis Care and Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Expert Panel on Integrated Guidelines for Cardiovascular Health and Risk Reduction in Children and Adolescents

Georgia State Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Profile

How You Can Prevent Chronic Disease

Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to Prevent Obesity in the United

Screening for Obesity in Pediatric

Primary Care: Recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Strategies to Increase the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases

The Community Guide – Obesity Prevention and Control

Change Lab Solutions
National Policy and Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity (NPLAN)

Cancer experience in families affects decision making

Coping with the financial burden of breast cancer

Guideline: American Heart Association examines the challenges of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer

Guideline: Breast surgeons recommend genetic testing for all breast cancer patients

Guideline: COVID vaccines for people with cancer

Guideline: Expert guidelines on COVID-19 vaccines and timing of breast screening tests

High health insurance deductibles can interfere with breast cancer treatment decisions

Overview of pancreatic cancer treatment options

Study: Racial and ethnic differences in genetic testing among young breast cancer survivors

Study: Cannabis use among breast cancer patients

Study: Diagnosis and treatment delays in young women with breast cancer

Study: The chance of a second breast cancer is higher among some Hawaiian women

Study: Quality of life for people with early-stage breast cancer who participated in the OlympiA clinical trial

Transgender people’s perspectives of being diagnosed with gender-associated cancer

Update: Breast cancer disparities in Black Americans

Update: Cancer disparities: Colorectal cancer in African Americans

Update: COVID boosters: What people with cancer should know

Update: FDA approves at-home test kits for inherited cancer: how useful are they?

Update: Genetic causes of hereditary pancreatic cancer: BRCA and beyond

What “The Truth About Cancer” got wrong about BRCA mutations and cancer

Harvard School of Public Health
Obesity Prevention Source
Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Hospital for Special Surgery
Inflammatory Arthritis Resource Guide

Rethink Obesity
Billing & Coding When Treating Patients with Obesity: A Quick Reference Guide for Commonly Reported Obesity-Related Codes

Obesity and COVID-19 Fact Sheet



ALS Association – Georgia Chapter
Supports people living with ALS and their loved ones through services and education.

Arthritis Foundation – Georgia
Promotes research, resources, and education, and uplifts people with arthritis by connecting them to a community.

CHOICES for Kids
Fights against the deadly epidemic of childhood obesity by spreading awareness throughout communities in Georgia.

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation – Georgia Chapter
Dedicated to finding the cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Georgia Department of Public Health
Aims to reduce the burden of chronic diseases in Georgia through education, protection, and prevention.

Georgia Department of Public Health – Cancer State Aid
Funds access to services for eligible patients diagnosed with cancer or conditions highly suspicious of cancer. It supports access to screening and provides diagnostic treatment planning. With participating hospitals, freestanding radiation therapy centers and medical office practices, the Department provides cancer treatment services and related prescriptions. With the help of independent pharmacies, home health agencies, and medical suppliers, it provides medical supplies.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation
Provides access to low-cost vision and hearing services to help uninsured Georgians.

Healthcare Georgia Foundation
Partners with nonprofit health organizations and grants money to support healthcare.

Huntington’s Disease Society of America – Georgia Chapter
Supports healthcare through community services, education, advocacy, and research.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Georgia Chapter
Raises funds for research, advocates, facilitates professional education, and provides programs and services that empower people with multiple sclerosis and their families.

Disability Benefits Center
Arthritis Resources in Georgia

Georgia Asthma Control Program
Georgia Asthma-Friendly Schools Toolkit and Recognition Guidance

Georgia Department of Public Health
Asthma Resources: Kids and Parents

Breast Procedure Manual

Cancer Prevention and Control


Metro Atlanta

Fresh on Dek
Mobile farmer’s market offering healthy food for sale and educating residents living in communities designated as “food deserts” on the importance of healthy living and fresh, in-season produce.

Clayton County Board of Health
Clayton County Asthma Resource Guide



Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia
Helps cover the costs (for eligible patients) of pharmacy prescriptions not covered by insurance, rent and mortgage, gas, electric and water bills, insurance premiums, insurance co-pays, nutritional assistance, durable medical equipment, and transportation costs.

Glory, Hope, and Life
Assists cancer patients, caregivers, and families with financial, physical and emotional support services through resources, programs, and activities


Three Rivers

District 4 Public Health
Protects and improves the health and safety of our communities by coordinating with the public, healthcare providers, community partners, and local, state and federal agencies. It also prevents disease and injury by performing inspections of public facilities, disease surveillance and immunization programs. It is also responsible for promoting good health through education and counseling, health screenings and targeted health care services.



Harbin Clinic
Runs individualized, medically supervised programs for healthy weight loss.


Georgia Mountains

Sid Weber Memorial Cancer Fund
Aids patients by providing money and driving them to and from treatment.