Georgia Watch Executive Director Talks Consumer Protection on the Good Works Show

This Saturday, Georgia Watch Executive Director, Liz Coyle spoke with hosts on Goodwill Industries’ Good Works Show around consumer protection, energy equity and our upcoming Annual Consumer Champion Celebration.

The interview begins at 10:50–listen now:

With many success stories in their 13-year history, Georgia Watch is currently working on adding one more. “In the energy work that we do,” Coyle said, “we are working hard to make sure the state has policies that lift up clean, renewable kinds of energy.” In fact, Georgia Watch is encouraging the regulatory bodies of the state to use alternative methods of energy, focusing on renewables like solar and wind power. “There is tremendous opportunity with wind energy to meet some of Georgia’s needs, without the harmful emissions of a coal burning facility,” Coyle said. These additional efforts to reduce emissions and provide consumers with clean power will ultimately help lower energy and utility bill costs.

“Energy efficiency is really about how you limit your use of energy in smart ways,” Coyle said. “We are particularly focused on helping low-income consumers who are burdened by the high cost of utilities because they don’t have that kind of disposable income. But often they don’t know that they have tools readily available to them, so they can take steps to lower those bills.”

In addition to their work on the state level, Georgia Watch also takes action in Washington, DC. Currently,the group is working with the Consumer Protection Bureau to support new rules on predatory and payday lending. Acting as a watchdog for those at risk of loan sharks trying to trap consumers in a cycle of debt, Georgia Watch offers individuals ideas and tools on constructive ways to take charge of their finances. This includes building strong relationships with credit unions and other lending institutions.

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