Oppose legislation to permit for-profit credit repair, debt settlement and earned wage advance services in Georgia

Georgia’s current laws protect consumers from abusive fees often charged by these services.

In the 2023 legislative session, we successfully staved off two bills that could have harmed Georgia consumers: 

  • Senate Bill 254, would have authorize earned wage access (EWA) providers to operate in the state, avoiding characterization as a loan. Ultimately, this bill would have loosened consumer protections and made EWA services practically indistinguishable from payday lending, which is illegal in Georgia.
  • House Bill 187, would have allowed for-profit credit repair organizations (CROs) to charge consumers exorbitant fees for deceptive services.

Through our advocacy, we were able to make legislators aware of the potential harms of EWAs and CROs, and fortunately, neither of these bills advanced.