Sick of Bank Fees? You Have Options

January 11, 2010

Banks aren’t the only place to put your money.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s coverage regarding the disappearance of free checking at large banks (for article, click here) might lead Georgians to think that they’ve only got two choices: jump through a bunch of hoops, or get gouged with fees every month. Georgia Watch would like to remind consumers that they’ve got lots of options.

Small banks and credit unions offer great value. Anyone concerned that there aren’t enough credit union branches should know that there is a large network of shared service centers throughout Georgia, where you can access most (if not all) of the services offered at the home branch of your credit union. An online search will bring up several tools to help you find a credit union that you are eligible to join. You can start by checking out a list of GA credit unions here or here.

Remember: financial institutions should compete for your business. Make sure you place your money where you’re getting the best deal.