“Statewide effort started to curb scams against service members”

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A statewide initiative to help active military members and families to avoid becoming victims of unscrupulous lenders or scam artists is now in its early stages.

The Georgia Military Consumer Protection Initiative aim is to empower service men and women in Georgia to avoid predatory practice in the Georgia marketplace. The group will work to develop a Military Consumer Protection Guide.

“When folks go after our military or they go after our seniors, that is about as sleazy as you can get,” said Georgia Attorney Sam Olens.

The project is a collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, the Consumer Protection Unit, and Georgia Watch, a consumer advocacy group.

“They’re going to put together a great guide to help service members and their families to know the ins and outs of the financial laws to understand how to operate in that system,” Olens said, “ We are going to go all around the bases with them to help educate their service members and their families.”

Veteran Cassandra Barnes says military members often are very vulnerable, especially when they leave service.

“We worked hard and some of us came out not in the right frame of mind. You don’t come out the same way you go in,” Barnes said.

Source: WSB-TV