What does the PSC do?

The Georgia Public Service Commission decides what are fair and reasonable rates for services under its jurisdiction. It must balance Georgia citizens’ need for reliable services and reasonable rates with the need for utilities to earn a reasonable return on investment. The commission protects consumers’ interests while abiding by legal standards in setting rates. All matters scheduled for public hearing are heard by the commissioners or in special cases, by an appointed hearing officer in open session.

In regulating rates, the Commission does not guarantee profits to service providers. It is the company’s responsibility to produce earnings. When regulated companies bring a rate request before the PSC, it may be taken up by one of the commission’s three standing committees on which the commissioners serve: telecommunications, energy, or administrative affairs.

Assisting the commissioners are experts on utility operations. These experts may provide testimony and make recommendations at rate, arbitration or other proceedings.

Administrative sessions of the Georgia Public Service Commission are held the first and third Tuesday of each month in hearing room number 110 at 244 Washington St. in Atlanta and are open to the public.